Company introduction





Shenzhen Uniontop Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, mainly focusing on the development, design and manufacturers of switching power supply, switching power supply transformer, LED driving power supply, power adapter, USB charger and computer connecting cable. The independent workshop is located on the 5th floor, Building 3, Xiliang Industrial Zone, No.41 Bayue Second Street, Buji Street, Uniontop District, Shenzhen.


Switching power adapter products from 5W to 160W series have obtained various international safety certification, such as Japanese PSE, American UL, FCC, Canadian CUL, European CE, GS, China CCC, international standard CB, Australian C-TICK, SAA, British BS, German GS, Korean KC, Singapore PSB, American Energy Star CEC, European Energy Efficiency Standard ErP, SAA. In order to meet the needs of different customers, Longsheng Electronics also provides OEM and ODM customization services for switching power supplies.


In order to achieve the ultimate goal of win-win cooperation, Uniontop always regards meeting customers' requirements as the first goal of R&D, manufacturing or after-sales service by providing various high-quality switching power adapters.


We can provide you with the following services and warranties:


1. A complete customized product design system to meet the needs of all customers.


2. Perfect after-sales service and professional sales team follow your order.


3. Our switching power adapter has passed most safety certifications, such as CB, PSE, UL, FCC, CUL, CE, GS, CCC, C-TICK, SAA, MEPS, KC, PSB, CEC, European Energy ErP Phase II, EUP. All production processes are carried out under strict quality management system.


4. All products are suitable for different parts of the world, and can work stably under the voltage of 90-264 volts, even in areas with unstable voltage.


The growth process of Longsheng Electronics:


2001-Shenzhen Uniontop Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen Futian Huaqiang North. Specializing in the production of switching power adapter ODM, OEM manufacturers.


2004-Hong Kong branch was established and Sansheng Electronics (Hong Kong) Company was established in 2006-Shenzhen Longsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. moved its production base to Longgang Buji Factory, a self-built workshop, with the expansion of production scale.


From 2007 to 2007, Shenzhen Longsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. became an OEM manufacturer of switching power supply transformers for HP engraving machines.


2010-The ERP resource management system of Shenzhen Longsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. began to be introduced and used. Shenzhen Longsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of switching power supply, LED driving power supply, power adapter, vehicle power charger and charger.



The factory passed the record number: UKQ1809062R3 international quality ISO9001:


2015 management certification, and has been doing production management in accordance with ISO standards. At present, ERP company management system has been introduced to ensure that all products of the company maintain high quality while effectively reducing costs, so as to provide customers with better services and more competitive products.


Our products have always been well received by customers, while adhering to the spirit of "high efficiency, Excellence, innovation and development" of our company. We are confident to provide each customer with a complete set of switching power supply solutions and become your trusted partner.


Longsheng Electronics insists on meeting customers' needs as the primary goal in research and development, manufacturing and after-sales service, and provides a full range of switching power adapters to meet customers' needs, with customization as the ultimate goal. We provide customers with the following services and guarantees:


1.Perfect customized product design to meet the differentiated needs of customers.


2.Second, perfect after-sales service and dedicated after-sales tracking and follow-up.


3.The switching power adapters provided by Longsheng Electronics have all passed the relevant safety regulations certification, such as Japanese PSE, American UL,FCC, CUL in Canada, European CE, CCC in China, international standard CB, Australian C-TICK,SAA, German GS, Korean KC, Singapore PSB, Energy Star CEC, European Energy Efficiency ErP, EUP Phase II, Australian Energy Certification MEPS, etc. Some products are certified by Canada ICES-003, Mexico NOM, Sweden, Switzerland S+MARK, Brazil UC, Argentina and Russia GOST, and the production process has a strict quality management system.


4.All series products have a wide working voltage range, which is suitable for normal and stable operation from 90 V to 265 V in different regions of the world. It can work normally and stably even in areas where the grid voltage is unstable and fluctuates greatly.